When it comes to running ads for a small business, budget is key. For many businesses, they want to know which ad platform will do best for them before they choose where they want their ads to be run. To make the decision tougher, there are so many options for running ads online.

Our team at Abundant Marketing loves to help small business owners to make the decision on where to best spend their ad dollars. There are a few tips we share with our clients that we want to share with you.

3 types of online ads and what type of businesses they are best for are:

  1. Instagram Ads: Instagram has a lot more features and a naturally younger demographic. For businesses targeting younger individuals such as brides, new moms, and high school students, this is a great ad platform for you!
  2. Facebook Ads: Facebook is the elephant in the room – they have the largest audience using their platform. Therefore, Facebook ads are a great tool for a business who has a wide variety of audiences they need to run towards or a very specific audience.
  3. Google Ads: Google ads are great for businesses who have clients that are naturally less interactive across social media. For example, divorce attorneys and pest control companies. Individuals are more likely to search for the business than interact through social media. Google ads also has access to YouTube which can be really cool for businesses with visual products.

Of course, there are other types of ads available. For instance, there are Twitter ads and LinkedIn ads. However, the ads listed above have the highest response rate for the largest number of small businesses.

Each businesses’ ad location should come down to who their target market is. If you are looking for help making the decision on how to spend your ad dollars, take a moment and grab a free strategy session with our team now.