Many small business owners meet a “marketing expert” that tells them something about marketing or social media. Then, they feel like they have to do exactly what they said. However, most of the marketing experts are referring to marketing campaigns used in larger businesses.Marketing Expert

As the marketing team at Abundant Marketing, we try to teach our clients to take this information and apply it in the best way for their business.

3 of the most common items shared by marketing experts that are different for small business owners are:

  1. Posting on Social Media Daily is a Must! No, not quite. It is important to prioritize your time and get work done too. For some of us, posting on every platform every day would take away time to get payroll done or invoicing done. So, balance it. Pick the platform where your best target client is on and plan your posts ahead of time.
  2. Don’t Put All Your Information on All Platforms! This is typically said in relation to contact information. This is not true in a small business. We want to have all of the contact information that the business owner is comfortable sharing in as many places as possible. We do this because you never know where someone will be when they are ready to make a purchase decision.
  3. Pinterest is the Largest Traffic Generator! All social media platforms pull in a specific target audience. Unfortunately, not every business owner has the same target audience and not everyone is using Pinterest.

If you have heard a marketing expert speak, especially someone focused on large companies, and you aren’t sure how to apply it to your business, that’s okay! Our team of marketing consultants would love to sit down with you to learn more about your business and answer your questions. Take a moment to schedule a free strategy session now.