One of my favorite sayings that I have learned during my time as a Cary marketing agency owner is… when your competitors take off work, kick it into overdrive! It means when your competition is taking off for the weekend or for summer vacations, the market is open for you. Walk in and start gaining clients because needs never take a vacation.

As the owner of Abundant Marketing in Cary, I have made that my motto in business. We want to help other business owners solve this marketing problem this summer.

3 things we suggest doing in the summer of 2019 to help gain new clients are:

  1. Networking: There are a ton of great networking events in Cary that will help you meet referral partners and other business owners who can help your business. Around the Abundant Marketing offices, we are calling it the summer of networking, and we are hosting three events you can attend (and enjoy lunch):
  2. Social Media: There is a lot of life going on for business owners and their customers during the summer. If you are out of the office, share what you are doing on social media and let your social media engagement build during the summertime.
  3. Summer Gifts: Send or drop off thank you gifts to recurring clients and referral partners during the summertime. This helps you stay front of mind and could help you upsell an existing client.

Do you want some great ideas on referral partner gifts? Or maybe you need help figuring out what to post on social media during the summertime? We would love to help answer those questions for you! Take a moment and grab a free consultation now with our team to get all your marketing questions answered.