If you visited our Facebook page recently, you will know that our owner, Ashley Morrison, spent a few days in Washington DC representing as a marketing agency in Raleigh, NC. During this time, she was at the American Advertising Federation’s Day on the Hill. This day happens each year and it allows ad agencies to sit in front of their state’s senators and discuss changes coming to our industry.

During Ashley’s time this year, she learned more about the impact of legislation that is hitting California now and could become federal law. Learn more about the CCPA here.

3 impacts the CCPA would have on small businesses in North Carolina if passed on a national scale would be:

  1. Social Media Ads: All consumer data would be treated similarly which means we would lose access to unique shopper information. This means social media ads would remove a large amount of the targeting ability we currently have.
  2. Less Social Media Users: Without the ability to target our ads to specific users, there would be a lot more fighting for ad space and a lot more ads in the wrong timelines. This would become incredibly annoying to social media users and many would stop using specific social media platforms.
  3. Change in Marketing Campaigns: Social media is a big part of how small businesses are marketing. So, if we take away the current impact of social media, many businesses will either have to find new ways to market or will be forced to close their doors.

So, what can you do about this? Use your voice! We all have one – call and email your North Carolina senators and share how this would impact your business and community.

You can also start preparing by balancing your online and offline marketing efforts. If you want a few ideas for offline marketing campaigns for your business, set up a free strategy session with our team now.