As a small business grows, there are exciting milestones and one of those is outsourcing elements of the business. One of the first items to be outsourced is marketing services. But, the transition from doing your own marketing, reviewing results, and adjusting can be hard.

As a Cary marketing agency, Abundant Marketing’s team helps a lot of local business owners make this transition. There are a few thinMarketing Firmsgs that make the process tremendously easier.

3 things a Cary small business owner can do to prepare to outsource marketing is:

  1. Communicate Clearly and Often: The better the communication is between the marketing agency and the company, the better the response will be. If you have questions, call and ask! If you want to try something new, tell them!
  2. Set Realistic Expectations: The best way to measure results is off of industry standards. As a business owner, you can research online what the expected response rate of any marketing campaign should be. For example, on average, 2.57% of website traffic converts to a client. So, if a marketing company helps to increase website traffic to 200, you should have been 4 and 5 contact requests.
  3. Be Patient: Whenever a new marketing campaign starts, there isn’t an immediate response. It typically takes about 2 to 3 months to really see the results. So, keep an eye out for key indicators such as website traffic and engagement. But, understand that it may take more time.

Has your business grown and now it’s time to outsource marketing? We would love to be the solution to this marketing problem! Abundant Marketing is a local marketing agency in Cary that serves small businesses. Take a moment to learn more about us now then request a free strategy session today.