SEO or search engine optimization can be a very ambiguous and confusing term; especially to a small business owner. When the Abundant Marketing team meets with a Raleigh small business owner, we try to break down SEO and make it very easy to understand.SEO

SEO put incredibly simply, is the language that the search engines speak. It can feel just as difficult as learning a new language. The search engines, especially Google, have moved towards a content focused algorithm which means they will send traffic to a website that has good, unique, high-quality content.

3 SEO marketing campaigns that we suggest for small businesses in Raleigh are:

  1. Writing Blog Posts: Almost all of our websites have a blog feature, so let’s use it! This is the easiest way to get regular new content on your website and let the search engines crawl it for keywords. We suggest our clients write a minimum of one blog post per month to increase website traffic coming from the search engines. But, if the goal is to rank higher in competitive search rankings, we suggest about 4 to 8 blogs per month.
  2. Social Media: The search engines love to see engaged users coming to your website from other online sources. So, take your blog post (or other links to your website) and share them on Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
  3. Directory Listings: Sometimes, search engines will hold back traffic due to inconsistencies in their search directories or no search directories. So, be sure to set up your Google locations page, Bing page, Apple Map listings and more.

Does learning SEO sound overwhelming to you? That’s okay, we would love to help you! Grab a free strategy session with our team now and we will point you in the right SEO direction for your business.