The start of a new year always means new things! And this can’t be truer for our team at Abundant Marketing in Cary.

4 new things that you can see from Abundant Marketing in 2019 are:Marketing Company on TV Commercial

  1. TV Ads: We are in the process of testing TV ads for our company right now but it is a service we will begin offering to our clients in 2019. A small business that has a large target audience and wants to try different marketing mediums may love TV ads. Our ad is currently running on CBS 17 during the morning news.
  2. Big Business Events: We are moving from small monthly events to large quarterly business events in 2019! Our first one is already on the calendar for March 13th… the Triangle Small Business Expo. This will allow a lot more connections and education during 2019 than we were able to provide in 2018.
  3. Quarterly Marketing Campaigns: Our team is now starting quarterly marketing campaigns for our business which allows our prospects to try some fun new ways to engage with our Cary marketing company. You can learn about our first quarter campaign now by clicking here.
  4. Growth: Our small business marketing company will be scaling quite a bit during 2019. This means there will be Abundant Marketing locations in more cities around North Carolina.

This is a lot of excitement and all leads to better service for our clients as well as more small businesses that have their marketing taken care of and working for them! If you would like to learn more about our company and how we can serve your small business, please feel free to book a free consultation now.