Whether it be a small, family-owned business or the owner of a large franchise, there are always going to be times of marketing problems throughout the year where business is slower.Winter Marketing Problems

Retailers see a decrease in customers after the rush of the holiday season and landscaping businesses can see a drop in cash flow as the weather grows colder. While there may be slumps throughout the year for every type of business, marketing is something that can be done all year long.

3 common winter marketing problems and how they can be solved are:

  • A decrease in customers: In the slow season, this is a common issue that small businesses encounter. However, one way to use marketing to gain more traction in a slow season is to offer discounts or sales on your products or services. This gives customers an incentive to take a look at your business even though it may be the off season for what you have to offer. This also keeps your business in the back of their minds and helps to maintain the relationship between you and your customers.
  • Pricing: As a small business, the owner typically has control over how to price products and services. This is an advantage over big box companies and stores that increase prices depending on the season. Small businesses are able to keep their pricing consistent all year long. In addition, small businesses usually have a fairly loyal customer base. Establishing and promoting a loyalty program can be beneficial in the off season.
  • Keeping in touch: An issue that small businesses may encounter is the number of people they are able to reach, especially if there is a decrease in customers. But one thing that can be done to counteract this is to be active in growing the number of customers who subscribe to your newsletter or email campaign during the busy season. In addition, promoting your business’s website on social media can increase the number of people subscribing to a periodic newsletter.
Just because it might be the off season for your business, doesn’t mean there aren’t things that can be done to help market your business. Marketing in the slow season is just as important as marketing when things are in full swing. If you are a business owner who needs assistance with marketing your business, our team at Abundant Marketing offers free strategy sessions to help you learn how to market your business. Contact us today to get started.