When small business owners hire marketing companies to manage or assist with their marketing, they typically expect instant results. These results can be in the form of page likes, shares, increased clients, increased website traffic, etc. However, our team at Abundant Marketing suggests waiting 90 days before expecting any significant results. It’s also typical for clients to ask “Why don’t I see any results?” when they first begin marketing.

3 reasons why you should wait 90 days before expecting results are:

  • Marketing ResultsGathering data takes time: Data from your website or social media accounts takes time to gather. Once there is enough data to get substantial information from, it needs to be analyzed to determine what types of marketing strategies you should be using. Data isn’t something you can make up and it requires time and patience.
  • Search rankings don’t increase immediately: Designing a brand new website isn’t enough to increase traffic and sales. Once you start using things like meta tags and keywords in your website and posts, your ranking has the potential to increase but it won’t do so immediately. The use of tags must be consistent to climb the search rankings. So it takes time for your website to appear towards the top of a search list.
  • Consistency is key: Maintaining the way you choose to market your business is important if you want to see results. Nurturing the relationship between followers and the company is a way to build loyalty. In addition, social media presence allows for interaction between the company and potential clients. This could mean answering their questions, listening to their suggestions, and offering deals or discounts on social media.
Our team at Abundant Marketing wants to do right by any client that we work with. Helping small businesses grow is our passion and we want to work one on one with clients to help tailor their marketing so they can achieve more with their business. If you’re ready to get started with a marketing plan, contact us today to schedule a free strategy session so we can assist you.