One of the most common things we hear after designing a new logo for a client is, “Now I need a brochure.” However, brochures are rarely used anymore.Print Collateral

Therefore, our team at Abundant Marketing, we start by asking our clients what they plan to do with the brochure. If there is not a clear goal, we suggest something different. But, sometimes, we suggest a few marketing campaigns to pair with print collateral.

3 easy marketing campaigns for print collateral that is laying around the office already are:

  1. Business Cards: We all have plenty of business cards, but what do we do with them if we are not networking? Leave them where the best target client is spending time. A few good examples are tables in local coffee shops or on the windshield of a wrapped vehicle.
  2. Brochures: Brochures are a great tool especially if they share clear information about a business. Call prospects and tell them you have a gift for them. Then, when they say it’s okay to drop by to leave the brochure with a gift card, cookies, or another promotional item.
  3. Rack Cards: Many realtors and insurance agents have rack cards. Rack cards are great if they have a place to be. If they don’t, they do a wonderful job collecting dust. Spend an hour a week calling businesses that could refer you and asking if they have an area to store other businesses’ information. But, don’t forget to keep a list of where the rack cards are placed. This allows you to call occasionally to keep the rack cards stocked.

These are a few easy ways to distribute print collateral that is sitting around the office, but there are plenty of other ways to distribute print collateral. Let’s set up a free, no obligation marketing strategy session to get you some personalized tips on how to distribute extra print collateral.