Raleigh is such a great place to live because the area has so much to offer. Raleigh is a booming market for small businesses and because of that many marketing companies follow. There are a variety of different marketing companies that are located in Raleigh and here are the three most common.

3 of the most common types of marketing companies in Raleigh, NC are:  

  • Direct Mail: These types of companies just focus on sending out direct mailers to certain zip codes or certain demographics in the Raleigh area. Direct mail includes things such as catalogs, posters, newsletters, and more.
  • Social Media Marketing: The goal of these types of marketing companies is to gain traction for businesses on social media by targeting specific areas like Raleigh. This can include all social media platforms of just a couple depending on what is appropriate for the client’s target market.
  • Web Design: The goal of these marketing companies is just solely to build websites for companies. These marketing companies aim to create engaging and informative websites that will turn clicks into customers.

Needing three different marketing companies to accomplish all of the goals you have set for your business can seem a little daunting. If you have a small budget for marketing it can also be unattainable to have three different Raleigh companies giving you service.

Our goal at Abundant Marketing was to eliminate the need to have different companies accomplish different tasks and just roll them into one customizable, easy to use plan for small business owners in the Raleigh area. Your marketing will also be seamless because there will be no need to communicate with the companies. Our team at Abundant Marketing would love to help you tie together all aspects of your marketing. You can get a free 30-minute marketing consultation with our team to discuss what you are currently doing with marketing and how you can make marketing more efficient for your business.