However big or small, businesses are always competing for new clients. That means taking whatever leads or referrals a business owner can get at next week’s networking event or whoever calls into the business. When those leads turn into customers, some of them don’t stay customers for long, and a few become more of a challenge than they let on in the beginning. This is what happens when a business chooses clients who are not in their target market.

One of the most common problems we solve at Abundant Marketing. Many of our clients will take anything that comes their way when they open their business, but we help transition them to finding and keeping their best target clients.

3 ways that choosing the wrong clients can negatively affect your business are:

  1. They take up too much time. There’s no shame in spending a little extra time and care on a client’s needs, but if a client is constantly demanding your attention and is keeping you away from other clients and tasks, then you may be dealing with an uphill battle.
  2. They bring and cause drama. They complain they don’t communicate what they want, and they set unrealistic expectations. This leads to missed opportunities for both you and them.
  3. They’re high maintenance and costly to replace. Because these clients aren’t in the best target market, they may come to you with goals that are beyond their budget—or no goals at all, so you waste time and money to figure out what those needs are. Once the client is gone, you’ll have to spend even more money generating leads to find a new client to replace them.

The perfect customer doesn’t arrive at your doorstep. Instead of choosing just any client, define your target customer base so you can save time, money, and patience for the customers who deserve your business. Ask us how you can find the best clients in your target market today!