There are plenty of sayings about why building your network is important, my favorite being, “Your Network is Your Net Worth.” As a business owner, this could not be truer. Thus, building lasting relationships with fellow business owners can be valuable for a number of reasons. Who knows who might share a lesson to avoid your businesses next big mistake, or a future business to use as a resource for improving business performance because you were at a networking event.Networking

There is no secret, except getting out there and being a part of the community. Networking is a large part of how Abundant Marketing does business. We create lasting relationships with the businesses that surround us here in Raleigh and Charlotte.

3 great places to find networking events are: 

  1. Eventbrite: Eventbrite is probably the best place to find networking events. When looking for events on Eventbrite you can narrow your results down by area, the category of “Business”, and the event type of “Networking”. From here you will see varying events that should fit any need.
  2. Meetup: This is a great network for building lasting relationships. In Meetup, you find groups that pertain to your needs or interest, and form a community through recurring events with those same people.
  3. Facebook: The Events section on Facebook is probably the most overlooked method to find networking events. By simply using “find events” you can search for gatherings by category, and yes networking is a category.

So where is the next networking event for your business? For those looking to connect with local businesses in Raleigh and Charlotte, Abundant Marketing has events as business owners. Take a look at our events page and start networking today.