We are regularly asked about the new features that Facebook is rolling out and how to use them. One of the newer features that the Abundant Marketing staff is excited about is Facebook Messenger ads and thus, the messenger bot.

A lead score can track and identify where the user is in the customer journey.  By setting up a system to target strong prospects and thus, Charlotte businesses save time and money.  This system can help separate who might be ready to make a purchase from those who still need a bit more time.

3 steps to using the lead score prospects for a small business in Charlotte is:

  1. Define a Lead Scoring System: Setting up multiple lead scores allows business owners to segment and learn about audience and prospects to tailor conversations.
  2. Set up Lead Scoring with Messenger Bot: The two most popular bot-building platforms are Chatfuel and Manychat.  Both offer free and paid plans.  In either case, users would perform certain actions and increase their scores.
  3. Send Messenger Broadcasts: send relevant, targeted broadcast campaigns to subscribers who are most likely to convert.

Lead scoring can also help understand where users are in the customer journey. Thus, they will be sent more relevant information. As users engage more with the Messenger bot, their lead score will increases. And when their score increases, they’re better informed and more likely to invest in the product or service.

By sending out the right message to the right person, Abundant Marketing lowers their unsubscribe rate and the chances of users reporting our Messenger bot as spam to Facebook.  Contact us today to set up a lead scoring system for your business.  We know which prospect to convert to customers and how!