A sales funnel works by attracting potential customers with free or very-low-cost items. The free item then convinces these potential customers to sign up on the mailing list.  With Facebook’s growing users, it is a very powerful marketing tool for many businesses. The Roadmap to Marketing Any Business

Our small business marketing team at Abundant Marketing focus on helping businesses gain clients through social media. This is one of the many marketing campaigns that we use.

4 marketing guidelines that we suggest to our small business clients who are using Facebook ad funnels are:

  1. Audit Content: Awesome, unique and highly relevant content to attract an audience.  The audit clarifies workable funnel ideas and could be anything from written text to videos.  This audit is helpful in getting an idea of what a business has to offer.   
  2. Organize Cold, Warm, and Hot Audiences: Cold audiences are people with whom the business has never come in contact with.  The warm audiences are people who have had limited interaction with the business, either from a video or document on Facebook.  And, hot audiences are people who have actively visited the business website.
  3. Match Content to Each Audience in the Funnel: Revisit the content and decide what can be matched to the different audiences.
  4. Define How People Move Through the Funnel: After matching the content to each audience, set up ads that track who takes the action and how people move through the funnel.

A great example of a Facebook ad funnel is the giveaway Abundant Marketing does. We give away a free copy of our book on a regular basis. We move Facebook users to our website to enter then pick a winner at the end of the week.

Facebook Funnels are a bit trickier, so don’t tackle it alone.  Contact Abundant Marketing and we’ll be with you every step of the way.