One of the most common marketing problems is how to rank on the first page of Google. When discussing ranking on the first page of Google, we are talking about search engine marketing in Apex.Rank on the First Page of Google

As a marketing agency in Apex, Abundant Marketing helps local small businesses solve their marketing problems. Search engine marketing is easily accomplished by adding new, search engine optimized content to a website.

3 ways to write website content, or blog posts, in order to rank on the first page in Google, are:

  1. Focus on 2 to 3 Keywords: Pick the keywords that the business wants to rank for. Try to pick keywords that all other businesses aren’t us’ we use. For example, instead of using ‘marketing,’ we use ‘marketing problems.’ Weave the keyword into the content.
  2. Pick Great Titles: Optimize the titles of the blog posts with the keywords in them. The titles are the first thing that Google will see.
  3. Include Meta Data: This is one of the most confusing aspects. Depending on how the website is built, there should be easy shortcuts that will help do this and identify the areas that need to be filled out. In a WordPress website, we use the Yoast SEO tool.

Depending on the industry the Apex business is in depends on quickly search engine marketing will begin working. For instance, it is typically a little slower to attorneys and marketing agencies.

Before determining if search engine marketing is right for your business, it is always important to review the marketing problems and its solutions. Call us at 919-379-5790 to set up an opportunity to discuss your businesses’ marketing efforts.