Using LinkedIn profile to grow a small business just got easier!  It is a common marketing problem with Raleigh small businesses that many people do not know of.  Sifting through the number of businesses and individuals and converting them to customers can be overwhelming.  The best way to invest the time is by looking in the right place.

As a Raleigh marketing company, Abundant Marketing uses these 5 steps:

5 steps to using LinkedIn to promote your business are:

  1. Professional LinkedIn profile: Make sure the business LinkedIn profile is professional, sociable and client-focused.
  2. Connect with Prospects: LinkedIn has great tools to help find potential clients.  Search for specific job titles such as Director of Marketing, VP of Sales and Owners, etc, for industries and locations.  Then send connection requests to the best potential clients for your business.
  3. Start a relationship: Make a connection and begin developing a relationship.
  4. Join LinkedIn groups: Having more commonality makes you more approachable. But make sure to connect with potential clients within the group.
  5. Reach out off social media: Put a face to the online profile. Reach out to the client in real time.  Listen to the potential clients and offer a solution.

In the end, being on LinkedIn can determine how well your business can grow.  It can really help make a dent in your marketing goals.

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