Having a high number of followers on Instagram does not necessarily mean new clients.  Marketing on social media can be overwhelming.

At Abundant Marketing we offer social media marketing service for small businesses.  Let’s go over how to make your Instagram ad a winner. Building relationships with an audience and converting to sales is the real key to monetizing social media connections.

5 Helpful tips to convert Instagram followers to customers

  1. Promote Instagram profile: Present the unique benefits of following your Instagram profile by setting it apart from the competitors. Adding a #hashtag also creates the opportunity for increased exposure.
  2. Meet the needs of your clients: Focus on the needs of the target audience. Display loyalty with consistency, frequency and concern.  To do this, post content consistently: whether this means posting on specific days each week, or a specific number of times each day. Your followers will come to expect these messages.
  3. Let your audience know you are there for them: Spend some time on the clients, get to know them. Build a rapport with your audience, and develop a trust.
  4. Be genuine: Let the audience know you are real, they’ll connect more if they can see you are a real person, and invite them to a live video displaying the service.
  5. Service, benefits and advantage: Sell the business, tell the followers your service will benefit them but also their lives.

Converting followers from Instagram to lifelong customers can be very easy.  Let us show you how.  Visit the Abundant Marketing website and explore your options for increasing traffic to your business.