Many business owners have the sense that they need a monthly newsletter. Even if they have nothing to say, they still need a newsletter. This leads many business owners to lose time focused on content creation.How to Create a Newsletter

As a marketing agency, Abundant Marketing takes pride in giving time back to local, Garner business owners. Now, not all businesses need content marketing such as email marketing. However, if the business will benefit from it, let’s make it a little easier.

3 tips on creating content for email newsletters or any business is:

  1. Start with the Target Audience: Clearly identify the individual who will be receiving the newsletter. What questions do they have? What would the benefit from reading? What would they ready?
  2. One Focus Point: Each newsletter can have many elements, but should have one central focus point. From that central topic, there should one clear call-to-action. The more ambiguous the call-to-action is, the less likely it is to be executed.
  3. Keep it Simple: There doesn’t need to be tons of things in a newsletter. It will seem overwhelming to readers. Have three to five additional links or minor topics in a newsletter, but no more than that.

Want an example of what this can look like? Take a look at the Abundant Marketing newsletter archives.

Wondering if an email newsletter is right for your business? At Abundant Marketing, we like to look at each businesses’ marketing problems and its solutions before determining if a newsletter is right. Text us at 919-379-5790 to set up a time to discuss your business.