So many Raleigh small businesses use a social media manager in Raleigh in order to maintain their social media business pages. But, what does a social media manager do?Social Media Manager

Abundant Marketing is a Raleigh social media marketing agency that acts as a social media manager for our small business clients. While every social media manager is different, let us share what a social media manager at Abundant Marketing does.

4 key things a social media manager, especially our Abundant Marketing team, does for small businesses:

  1. Writes Content: We carefully research the business then write social media content, or social media posts, specifically for that business. Once they are turned over to the client, they are 100% theirs and can be used however they want to.
  2. Posts Content: Social media managers in Raleigh should post social media posts to a business page. And of course, that is exactly what we do. But, we also do not use outside schedulers, such as HootSuite, in order to make sure our posts do as well as they possibly can.
  3. Monitors Social Media Profiles: A social media manager should monitor social media profiles for questions, comments, review, and messages. We do this for our clients at least 3 times each day!
  4. Review Analytics: As social media managers, it is crucial to review who is engaging with a social media profile. A great social media manager would regularly review the analytics of the page to ensure social media is working the way it should be.

All of the tasks above things that the Raleigh social media managers at Abundant Marketing do on a regular basis. Does this sound like what your business needs? An extra set of eyes online working for you as a social media manager? Then contact our social media manager team at Abundant Marketing today.