One of the most common questions asked at about social media in Raleigh is how often should I post on social media pages for a business? A business should be posting regularly on Facebook. But, that regularity depends on a handful of factors.Social Media Post Ideas

As a social media agency in Raleigh, we help answer these questions for our clients on a regular basis. We guide our clients to make social media decisions for their Raleigh small businesses.

3 considerations when deciding how frequently to post on Facebook are:

  1. Business Industries: Certain businesses need to post more than others. For example, an accountant could post less frequently than a restaurant needs to post.
  2. How Much Business: Social media is a great tool to develop relationships with potential customers. So, of course, the more active you are, the more potential clients there will be. Thus, your sales goals will dictate how many times per week you need to be posting on any given social media platform.
  3. Verification Tool: Social media marketing is now a verification tool similar to how websites were 2 to 3 years ago. That means that people determine the validity of your business based on your social media pages. Thus, if the only goal of social media is to make your business look valid, there is a much less frequent posting frequency.

Despite all of these considerations, as a social media agency in Raleigh, we suggest all small businesses start at 3 posts per week on whichever platform they want to focus on.

But, this information will vary from business to business. As a Raleigh social media agency, we would love to make ourselves a resource to you! Send us an email at and we will answer all questions about your small business.