Social media is changing. With the announcement of changes coming with Net Neutrality, social media will be changing too! Even before the announcement, we have seen more of a shift towards Facebook groups as a resource instead of Googling a service.

As the social media team at Abundant Marketing, it is our responsibility to keep up with the changes in digital marketing. There are so many changes, but so many clear things that a business can gain through Facebook.

3 things every business can gain through Facebook are:

  1. Validation: Facebook has turned into a basic need now. If a business does not have a Facebook page, regardless of their industry, they could be losing business for it. Facebook is turning into a validation tool for many consumers just like websites are.
  2. Referrals: Join Facebook groups as the business owner or salespeople. Monitor those groups for asking for your services. Or, hire someone on staff to be monitoring those pages for the business referrals.
  3. Relationships: The ultimate goal of social media when it started was to develop relationships. And, that is still true now. If someone reaches out and likes the business page, begin developing a relationship with that individual. Invite them out for coffee or to an event being hosted by the company.

There are so many other great things that can be gained from Facebook and social media as a whole. As a Charlotte social media agency, we are managing these aspects of social media for all of our clients. We are also teaching businesses how to do this on their own.

Does this sound like what your business needs? Our team would love to sit down with you and give you a few next step items on getting started. Send us a text message at 919-379-5790 to get started.