There are so many cool software solutions that can help marketing efforts tremendously. These tools can improve how we market our businesses and what marketing efforts we decide to hone in on.

As a local marketing agency in North Carolina, we have test driven a handful of these software solutions. We love recommending software to our customers based on their needs.

4 of our favorite software solutions to pair with social media marketing are:

  1. Lead Forensics: For any business who has other businesses as clients, this is a must! Lead Forensics tells companies who have landed on their website, even if they never fill out the contact form!
  2. Social Media Ads: Social Media ads are a great way to increase traffic to a website in a quick, targeted manner.
  3. Keyword Analysis Tools: Keyword analysis tools tell businesses who are landing on their website based on specific keywords they search. This is great for a business to know. But, it can also be used to review competitor’s keywords. One of our favorite programs is
  4. Phone Tracking: Many social media leads go to a website, learn more about the business, then call the business immediately. This leads to companies not knowing if a lead came through social media marketing or search engine marketing. Create a different, trackable phone number for social media campaigns to ensure which avenue someone came through.

There are more software solutions that partner well with social media marketing and search engine marketing. These tools can help create better marketing results overall. To learn how we implement this software into services we offer our clients, book a free consultation now.