There are rarely seasons in business that aren’t exciting and fun. As the owner of Abundant Marketing, this is one of the most exciting seasons yet. Abundant Marketing is beginning the process of becoming a national company by opening our second office in Charlotte, NC!

When Abundant Marketing opened its doors, the goal was to become a national company that could serve local small businesses. So, how does a marketing company best serve small businesses? By being in their community.

As we begin to become a Raleigh marketing company and Charlotte marketing company, there are a few ways everyone can help!

3 ways to help the Abundant Marketing team as they become a Charlotte marketing agency are:

  1. Refer Small Businesses: For individuals who live in Charlotte or spend a lot of time in Charlotte, let us know who you know! If there is a small business who has said they need help with social media posts, email newsletters, a website, or more, contact our team and share their information with us!
  2. Where to Visit: If you visit or live in the Charlotte area, but don’t know any business owners, that’s okay! We want to know where you hang out and what businesses are where.
  3. Networking Groups: If there are some really great networking groups or Facebook groups in the Charlotte area, that is tremendously helpful! We already know many of the great ones in Raleigh, but not yet in Charlotte. 

If a referral or a business name just popped into your head, we would love to chat with you! Or, if you want to help us further, contact our team today.

Thank you for all of the excitement, well wishes, and prayers that all of our friends, family, and followers have put into Abundant Marketing. It is definitely working, so please don’t stop!

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