The light bulb glows, a passion fuels a startup, but the business never grows. Before we know it, our enthusiasm that gave life to the startup vanishes, along with any remains of our entrepreneurial dreams. We’ve all been down that path one time or the other, and sometimes it feels like the challenges in marketing are insurmountable. Local Marketing Company

Becoming an effective marketer won’t happen overnight. At Abundant Marketing, we understand that better than most. However, with the right tools and an itch to learn, any business can prosper!

Let’s take a look at the biggest blunders in marketing strategy and how to resolve them:

  • Not Having a Marketing Plan: A successful marketing plan doesn’t have to be an exhaustive thirty-page document. It simply has to exist. Before the start of the week, set aside some time to write marketing goals, reflect on last week’s progress, and create a strategic game plan for improvement. Likewise, be prepared to adapt to change. If something in the plan isn’t working as planned, opt for another approach. Adjust the marketing strategy and ensure the issue doesn’t arise again.
  • Not Following Up on Social Media: Social media is more popular today than it has ever been, which means responsive customer service should be a priority. Responsive customer service creates a happy customer, and happy customers lead to customer loyalty. Remember that if customers do not feel valued, they will not be customers for much longer.
  • Not Networking: Proper networking is crucial to any business. It may not feel like it is making much difference, but the results will speak volumes. Not only does networking attract customers, but it also gives them an opportunity to put a name to a face. Speak at an upcoming conference, host a lunch & learn, or meet other professionals in the industry!

Mistakes will always occur, but understanding the fundamentals of marketing can greatly limit them. For more information, contact our team at Abundant Marketing!

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